Black Ink Chicken Stomp Necklace

We have our cute designs and we have our grungy designs. This is one of our grungy designs. Our Black foot design features an impression of a bird foot. The black ink looks like a muddy imprint on cement and it gives the design a grungy look.

Our necklaces are made from glass and metal. The glass is domed which gives the pendant a beautiful magnified effect. You can choose to order just the pendant, the necklace, or if a necklace isn't your style, you can choose our keychain option from the drop down menu. Buy one for you and buy one for someone else. It's for a great cause and 20% of the profits go to help animal sanctuaries in the U.S

- 1 Quantity
- Necklaces come with an 18" chain
- Made of brass metal and glass
- 20% profits donated
- Choose from silver, bronze, and gold finishes


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