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Shinefree Headquarters, Raleigh, NC

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Use our contact form below to get a hold of our team. We are here to help with any questions you may have. You can also send us suggestions or tips on how you feel we can improve! We would love to hear from you!





Do you offer free shipping or discounts?

We are a small company and we will do our best to offer free shipping and discounts as often as we can. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get deals and discounts in your mailbox.

When you share photographs of nature, vacations, or human kindness using #livingshinefree or by tagging us @shinefreeco, we will offer you a $25 gift card if we choose to use your photograph in our social media account(s).

What type of materials do you use?

For our shirts we use various types of fabric but we mostly use 100% organic cotton and hemp material. Please be sure to read the description of the product(s) your're purchasing. The descriptions will contain the materials used to create the product. We currently screen print and use environment friendly practices to make most of our products.

How do you select which conservations you support?

We select conservations and sanctuaries according to the impact they make on the environment and the amount they invest on conservation education. If you believe we should support a conservation not listed in our "Conservations We Support" page, please send your suggestions our way! Thank you!

Do you use plastic for your packaging?

We pack your order in recycled kraft paper. For items that can break during transit, we will use plastic bubble wrap but we do our best to keep plastic usage to the very minimum. We pay extra to attain recycled mailing supplies from companies that align with our environmentally friendly mission. 

Are your products Made In The USA?

The majority of our items are made in the USA. As always, be sure to check the description of the item you're interested in to get an idea of where the item is manufactured. One thing we want to push is environment friendly practices but also human kindness. We will never partner with a company that does not have the same values as our own. Having a great workplace for their employees and following strict environment friendly regulations is mandatory for the companies we partner with. 


Want to work in a friendly environment with EXTRA perks like a free snack bar, pet friendly environment, your own office space, meditation room, payed holiday, student loan paydowns, and flexible work days? Job openings for a Content Market Manager, SEO Specialist, and Creative Assistant are coming in 2020. Check back to apply and become part of our team!


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