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Conservations We Support

Thank you for your interest in our company. We have listed a few of the conservation's we currently support below. For more detailed information on the impact each organization makes on our environment, please be sure to click on the organization that you're interested in to be directed to their website. We donate 25% of the net profits from the orders that customers like you place. We are so blessed to have caring customers that align with our mission. Thank you for choosing to shop on a website that gives back to Organizations that are on the forefront of conserving our Earth.

Ryan Nowak
Founder of Shinefree


Our approach to get humans interested in conserving nature is different from most companies and organizations. We want to be kind and compassionate to people who are not as interested as we are in connecting with nature. The best way to change hearts is with kindness and patience. Please help us spread awareness of this beautiful world we all call home by using #livingshinefree on social media. Take a snap of yourself out in nature and share it with us and you might be featured on our website.

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