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Chapman's Dachshund Rescue


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Chapman's & Shinefree



is the yearly cost of running CDR

Your purchase makes a difference in the lives of abused and abandoned Dachshunds. Please consider purchasing a product today. Proceeds will be donated to Chapman's Dachshund Rescue. 

Chapman's Dachshund Rescue Mission

Chapman's Dachshund Rescue takes in over 500 Dachshunds each year. If you have a Dachshund, you know how costly the vet bills can be. Our expenses to run the rescue facility are over 120,000 a year. Becoming a Shinefree partner will allow Chapman's Dachshund Rescue to receive donations in a new and exciting way. Long time supporters of Chapman's Dachshund Rescue can now purchase from the exclusive apparel line and support their favorite dogs, the Dachshunds. Thank you all for continuously supporting the Chapman's mission.

Gina Chapman
Founder of Chapman's Dachshund Rescue Mission

A message from Shinefree

Hello my name Is Ryan and I am the founder of Shinefree. My mission is to work with as many Dachshund rescues as possible. There are many organizations throughout the United States that selflessly save abused and abandoned dogs. Ella and Roo (pictured) are two Dachshunds who my family adopted from Chapman's Dachshund Rescue. They are what drives my company. It is because of them that I pursue my dream to help animals and mother nature. Shinefree customers are by far the best people the world has to offer! I want to say thank you to everyone who shops at Keep up the great work!

Ryan Nowak
Founder of Shinefree



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