Our Mission


Hey! This is Ryan. I am the owner of Shine FREE. I started Shine FREE with a mission. A mission to create goofy and unique designs that help spark conversations about animal cruelty and the importance to care for the animals that we share this earth with. Using my graphic design skills I was able to create chicken designs and quotes that I really liked. Even though my designs feature chickens that look oblivious to what is around them, and some crude jokes using the word "cluck", it is all light hearted fun and it is for a good cause.
We are able to donate 25% of all order profits because all items are made and shipped by us. We cut, print, and heat press each and every shirt. We put a lot of time into our work and I am sure that you will be able to notice the quality and care that goes into each piece when you receive your package in the mail.
I am trying to bring awareness to the lives of farm animals that are trapped within cages their whole life without being free to even turn around in their cage. I know it is easy for many of us to disregard what happens, but that isn't fair and I hope that I can bring awareness to the subject to hopefully change the lives of these animals. I am very thankful for the support I received from my family and my girlfriend, Stephanie, thank you all and remember to break free and SHINE!